New Years Eve with a toddler

Most New Years Eves I’ve spent getting glammed up and at fancy locations. This year was a little different. Last year was an expensive evening so we knew in advance this year would be low key.

Me and my bestie celebrating NYE 2011

When my friend Cheryl from the mommy group invited my family to a NYE Potluck Party, I was super excited. First I would get to spend it with my whole family. Second I would get to make yet another new recipe from Pinterest. Third I would be spending the last few fours of New Years with some of my favorite people. It was a win-win situation all around! I got Sarah all glammed up for her first NYE party (party dress, tights, pretty shoes and even a bracelet), made 2 Pinterst dishes and we were off to celebrate with our friends.

Hubby got a last minute emergency call so he couldn’t attend after all. But it was a cute party! Thanks for hosting Cheryl!


Once back from the party and after a quick bed time routine, hubby and I enjoyed sushi and wine while we watched the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve countdown. After a short while our princess woke up. We let her cry it out for a moment and she went back to sleep. After the second time, I went in and tried to calm her down etc, but decided since it was NYE, why not bring her out to living room to celebrate with us? After a little while I placed her back in bed. The third time she woke up we knew our evening was over. Here’s to being parents of a toddler! Happy 2013 everyone!


I wanted to share my top moments of 2012 with you (in no particular order):

1. Starting this blog. I love being able to share what’s on my mind with you. Thanks for reading!

2. Celebrating my DAUGHTER’S 1st birthday: I still can’t believe I get to say I am a mommy! It’s been a life changing experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

3. Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere with my youngest sister. After a few years of talk shows, premieres, screenings, midnight movies and getting up close and personal with the cast we closed the chapter to our Twilight madness. I had an amazing time with you sissy! Can’t wait for our next adventure!!

4. My mommy group. This September Sarah and I have celebrated one year of support, friendships, laughs and tears with you. I seriously don’t know where I would be with you!

5. My Hubby! First thank you for being you and making me laugh! But I really want to thank you for working hard so I can be a stay-at-home mom. I know it’s hard at times, but it will be well worth it down the road.

6. My bi-annual trip to Florida! I love being able to wake up and sleep at my parents house for many consecutive days. It was also amazing that we were a part of my grandpa’s 80th birthday celebration. In a couple months when Sarah turns 2 I’m not sure how often we will fly to Florida, since 2 and over require you to pay for a seat 😦

6. To close this list and this wonderful year, my middle sister just got engaged! Mazal tov O and B! Here is to many simchas (joyous events in Hebrew) in your future.




Twilight Madness!

“Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” the fifth and final movie in “The Twilight Saga” was shown last night. I normally attend the midnight showing but this time it was different…

If you live under a rock and do not know what Twilight is check out the storyline here.

I loved reading books when I was a kid, but as an adult I’ve drifted away from reading books. I even tried to start a book club so that it would force me to read books. It didn’t go to well. I not only didn’t buy the book, but I was too busy to even think about reading (it’s been a tough month) and therefore did not attend.

However, in 2009 when my sister told me about a love story, I decided why not and gave it a try. From only reading the first few pages I was hooked! The love story was romantic and dreamy. The characters were interesting and the movie, had just come out. Needless to say it was becoming a really big thing.

Twilight (2008): I didn’t see the movie in theaters. I had recently gotten married a couple of weeks before and was in a whirlwind of my own.  However I did get the DVD immediately after reading the book. I was truly hooked when I saw the actor chosen to play Edward. He wasn’t my type but that’s what I liked about him. He was dreamy and a part of my new fantasy!

New Moon (2009): Nordstrom was offering a unique ticket opportunity if you visited one of their locations in the Los Angeles area on a specific day and purchased $50 or more of the Nordstrom fashion and/or jewelry collection in partnership with Summit Entertainment you will receive a ticket for an advance screening of Twilight Saga: New Moon at 9 pm. Therefore I spent $100 and got 2 tickets. I somehow convinced hubby to attend with me. It was really fun! Here we are before the movie.

A few days before the movie I read online about the New Moon premier. Really excited I tried to find someone to go with. Being new to the area I didn’t have many friends, nor did I know anyone who liked Twilight. While working one day, a few of the girls mentioned they like Twilight too. With 2 new friends we attended what began my Twilight madness! We got there on time and stood 5 deep!!  It felt like a crazy screaming match. Fans held posters with messages to the cast. Their were flashing cameras everywhere, it was mayhem!! But I loved it! I went home that night even more in love with the Twilight Saga!

K Stew

Eclipse (2010): Nordstrom was once again offering their special. This time my sister flew in from Florida to attend with me. Since I had so much fun at the New Moon premiere we decided to take our chances and attend. We got their early in the morning and waited in the heat and later the cold night. We had a blast!! Here are some pictures of our fabulous time!

Stephanie Meyer

Waiting in line wearing a sample of Twilight gloss


Team Edward!!

Later that week G and I attended an advanced screening from Nordsrtom. G found out that the actors will be visiting certain theaters to surprise fans. With a little research, a credit card and some Israeli luck we sat in the theater that Rob and Kristen walked into. It was surprising and amazing! A hundred screaming fans yelled in shock and took pictures of an amazing moment. They where so close to where we sat yet so far away! It was great moment that I will remember for a long time.


Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011): This time my sister won 2 passes for an advanced screening at the Grove. Since we purchased tickets for the midnight premier before we knew we had won an advance screening, we saw it for a 2nd time. This time with an 8 month old baby I knew things would be different. For one, I am no longer just a TwiFan I was now a TwiMom! But after some rearranging of schedules and plans put in to place I once again attend a Twilight premier. This time we where really equipped! For one we knew which side of the fence to be close to, we had a better understanding on dressing in layers and what snacks to bring. We once again had a really good time! One highlight was when Peter Facinelli grabbed my face and gave me a kiss of the cheek. We took some pictures with the cast and even met one of the lead actors (too bad it wasn’t who we really wanted to see) Here are some pictures of our fabulous time!

Before the madness!


Meeting Boo Boo Stewart

G and one of the wolves.

Before Peter gave me a peck on the cheek!

Taylor Lautner as Jacob

Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012): For the final movie my sister flew in once again for the premier. This time we had a master plan! I would wait in line to pick up our bracelets that might or might not get us a glimpse of the actors in the movie. After I drove to downtown LA in rush hour for 2 hours I had to stand outside with a mild cold in a line with no one to talk to for 3.5 hours just to receive my bracelet (they would not let me pick up my sisters)  After the 5.5 hours of “working” I drove to the airport to pick up my sister and then drove back again to downtown LA so that my sis. So she could pick up her bracelet in less than 2 minutes. Beyond hungry and exhausted we headed home for much needed sleep!

90% of the fans who received a bracelet slept in tents outside on the street under a tent that Twilight fans nicknamed TentCity. If i was not sick, a mom and a wife I would totally consider the big slumber party. So instead we read our Twitter feeds and Facebook statuses to get all the updates on TentCity.

We headed over on Sunday to join the fun. We walked in and received a free breakfast from Corner Bakery (bagel, cream cheese and Odwalla OJ). Later on that morning Time Warner ambassadors came in with more freebies (Twilight calendar and t-shirts inside a reusable bag). We left a short while after and headed home.

I found a post on Twitter with our assigned time to line up. From 12:30 to 3:30 we waited in line so that we could be placed in our assigned location. After waiting around while everyone go their spot and press set up, the actors started to show up. We saw a ton of actors up close and personal, but the most surreal moment was when Robert Pattison came up to G and said “It’s okay” as tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks. Below are the pictures I TOOK WITHOUT ZOOM!!

Getting our spot on the carpet

Dakota Fanning as Jane

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper

Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee

Stephanie Meyer the author

Nikki Reed as Rosalie

Ashley Greene as Alice

Kellan Lutz as Emmett

Robert Pattinson as Edward

Kristen Stewart as Bella

I’m hoping to see it on Sunday with my mama friends. I know it will be great! I feel a bit weird not to have gone to the midnight premiere last night but between tickets sold out quickly and frankly I had no one to go with (my sister moved back to FL this past summer) I’m quite content with the outcome. I’m happy that I don’t have to wait in any more lines and will just walk up to the theater with a ticket in hand to watch Rob on the screen one more time as Edward beside my TwiMoms.


UPDATE: I saw the movie today and it was epic! I didn’t have time to post this entry before the movie, but it doesn’t matter now. Glad I went during the day (when I was not sleepy) and glad I got to go with my mama friends, because really that is what I am now, a mom!


I’m very fortunate to have two sweet, caring and loving sisters! Although we are not close in age we have always been very close. So close that I call each of them my best friends. Oshrat, the middle sister, was even my Maid Of Honor at my wedding.

Back when I was growing up we didn’t have the same loving relationship we have now. Frankly, I thought they were annoying! With an age gap of 4 and then 10 years apart it was kind of a understood.

Germaine, my youngest sister, and I have gotten really close! So close that we speak morning, night and several times in between. We both developed a love for Twilight and had many of the same interests. When I was younger, I remember taking care of her, helping her pick outfits and giving her advice.

Then I moved to California (7 years ago). It was hard. I was homesick a lot (still feel that way from time to time) and in a newish relationship. We drifted apart. However my sister Oshrat and I grew stronger. She visited often and we kept in touch daily.
Fast forward to three years ago. G and I realized we have a lot more in common then we thought. We like the same music, same night life, same vision of life and of course Twilight! She also matured into a beautiful woman who I got  along with really well!

G moved to LA last year to pursue some goals and dreams. I was super happy and couldn’t wait for all the fun things we would do!

It’s been almost 30 days since she moved back home and I’m not embarrassed to say that I have shed a tear or two from time to time since she has left. I miss her! I miss her a lot! She was my west coast safety net. I was no longer homesick. Sure I have my in-laws (which I love dearly) in CA, but no one can replace blood. It was really great having her here. We did a lot of fun things while she was here and I thought it would be fun to look back at some of our memorable adventures:

Breaking Dawn Premier

Breaking Dawn Screening

Bethenny Show

Snow White and the Huntsman screening where we were a part of a Q&A with Kristin Stewart

Jay Leno Show (look we made it on TV!)

Palm Springs

Perez Hilton Concert (G won a pair of tickets!)

Celebrated each others birthday and more…

Needless to say, I miss her! Counting down the days until I see you next.


(Sarah was too sad to pose this time.)