Birthday Grouch

December is a really busy, but fun month! There is always something going on, like the holidays, the weather getting colder and my birthday.

I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating the little joys in life. Therefore I’ve always enjoyed celebrating events (no event is too big or too small for me), but celebrating my birthday has not always been easy. Most of the time my birthday falls on Chanukah. I’m happy to share my birthday with the miracle of light, except people like to lump my birthday and Chanukah into one occasion. If it’s a card or a birthday gift I always just get one. But material objects aren’t what disappoint me, it’s the timing.

For example, last year I decided to host a tea party for my 30th birthday at a local teahouse. I figured I only turn 30 once and I’ve always loved the tea party theme. I gathered a list of family and friends, booked a venue and sent out invitations. That’s right, I created, printed, decorated, put a stamp and dropped them off at the mailbox (things people don’t do often enough in my opinion). Then I waited for responses to come in. After a few of, “I’ll be out of town”, “I already committed to going to hubby’s holiday party”, or “My family is in town” I got pretty bummed. It happens every year, but I hoped turning 30 would be different. After a few more days of disappointing responses my mom called to tell me she would be coming to celebrate my birthday. Thank you so much ema (mom in Hebrew) for coming all the way out here for my birthday!! It means a lot to me that you could be a part of my celebration.

The day of my party I started getting more disappointing phone calls: “I’m sorry, something came up!”, “I’m having car trouble”, “I have a cold”, etc. Sure everyone is busy and has the right to cancel, but this time it was a bit different. You see, I had gone ahead and prepaid $30 per person. So here I was sitting at my beautiful tea table with a whole bunch of no shows. Sure I had a really nice afternoon with my family and friends who did attend, but that would be the last time I would host a birthday for myself.


So as my 31st birthday was quickly approaching, I started to panic. How do I celebrate and not end up disappointed? After a conversation with hubby we decided I would celebrate during the week with some mommy friends by going to dinner and celebrate at home with him on the weekend. No hype, just simple fun!

I’m happy to report that everything was fine! I was surrounded by a fun and loving group of friends at dinner, went out dancing, and spent the weekend with my family and MIL. When it came time to make a wish on my birthday cake, I couldn’t help but pause. I have everything I need. I’m married to a handsome man, I have a yummy daughter, loving parents and sisters (and a  lot more family who loves me), a supportive group of friends and most of all I have my health!

Thanks to all who called, texted, emailed, Facebook messaged, and sent me cards and gifts. You made me feel special in a way that made last year’s shortcomings a distant memory!




Dollar Tree

I love finding useful, valuable things at the Dollar Tree. You never know what you are going to find. I came across this article that I wanted to share.

I’d like to add the following to Rachel’s list:

Tablecloth – good for birthday parties and quick clean up gatherings.

Kids Utensil Holder – I carried this small holder in my diaper bag when Sarah was first learning how to use a fork and spoon. Thanks Katie VG for introducing me to this item.

Greeting Cards – $.50 a piece! Can’t get better than that!

Sesame Street – from hand wash to balloons to coloring books. They have a lot to choose from.

Art Supplies – specifically the foam letters. I made this simple Sesame Street sign art project for Sarah’s birthday.

And finally, not to share too many details, I actually found out I was pregnant by using a Dollar Tree pregnancy test! Thanks Sharon S for the push (remember that night?)!

Are you a dollar store shopper? Have anything to add to the list?

Sesame Street

I didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street. I was into Kidsongs and Barney (I know how lame! But hey I had younger sisters 😉 ).

Hubby however was a real fan of SS and watched it often. So often he knew certain episodes by memory!

From the first day Sarah laid her eyes on Elmo and friends, she was hooked! Every time she got sick we would have a SS marathon. She grew to really like it and even requested the show. Her second word was actually Abby (the main female character on the show).

Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that we celebrated her first birthday Sesame Street style.

Last week Jerry Nelson, Count von Count died at the age of 78. It’s sad to see any of her beloved characters die. Especially the Count! His main role was to teach kids how to count. Sarah loved his song about the number eight. If you’d like to watch it click here. She even yells it out when she sees it on buildings, etc.. So sorry to see you go Count von Count.

Happy Birthday Hubby

Earlier this week we celebrated my hubby’s birthday! He doesn’t like gifts so Sarah and I made him birthday dessert (a tradition I’ve started with Sarah). This is the Pinterest recipe we chose to make this year, except it didn’t look as pretty!

Let me explain. Below are the ingredients we used. Since we follow some kosher rules, we had to substitute some things. First we replaced marshmallows with marshmallow creme (Sarah decided to take the paper off the container.. silly toddler!). Then we used Snoopy (fruit) snacks instead of fish (which later I found some in the kosher market, oops!) It was quite a disaster!!


The reason marshmallows are necessary is so the gelatin adheres to the Rice Krispies and can be shaped. Bad move on my part, but hubby still thought they were tasty!

Here is my assistant this year and last year 🙂


Below was the dinner I made for the birthday boy. It’s also a Pinterest recipe.


Happy birthday babe! I love you and grateful to be your wife.