Shabbat 1000

Prior to moving to LA I researched different local Jewish programs. Raised in a very active Jewish city I craved my type of people. Therefore I signed up to as many organizations lists as possible.

So when I received an email last year about being a part of the Jewish Federation’s “The Night of 100 Shabbat Celebrations”, I was very excited! I was told it would be a community wide event to commemorate the Federation’s 100 years of service to the Los Angeles Jewish community. I quickly signed up and waited to host my meal. Each participant was given a book of selected blessings and readings. They also asked us if we could take a picture of our pre-candle lighting Shabbat table to share with the community. It was a fun experience and I was proud to be one of the 100 participants!

A few weeks ago I once again received an email inviting me to participate in the community wide event. This time it was “1,000 Shabbat Celebrations” and we were to receive a Federation Shabbat in a Box. I quickly signed up and waited for my box of goodies. The contents included an artsy challah cover, candles, a book of Shabbat prayers, recipes, inspirational writings and a tzedakah box. I was once again proud to be a part of this community wide event this year. It makes me so happy to know we have a community who wants us together for Shabbat. I plan on giving my filled tzedakah box to the Jewish Federation this year. They have done nothing but shine the light on the Jewish People of LA.

My Shabbat Box

My Shabbat Box


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