Halloween Costume Update

I recently blogged about planning to make a Native American costume for my 19 month old toddler. I was nervous and scared I would mess up, but I’m happy to report I actually was successful! It wasn’t difficult to make; much easier than I thought.

I started by pinning my favorite DIY tutu tutorials on Pinterest. Then I made my shopping list and headed to Jo-Ann’s for tulle, fringe, and beads.

I left the bag in my room for a couple of weeks before tackling the project. I was so worried I would mess up!

Here are the steps:

  1. I cut all three spools of tulle into strips.

  1. I sewed together the waistband.
  2. I looped each strip of tulle onto the waistband.

  1. I placed beads on random pieces of tulle.

Here is how it started to look:

I left the tutu sitting out untouched for a few days because I really didn’t like it šŸ˜¦ It wasn’t my work that I didn’t like. I just thought it didn’t look Native American enough. I finally figured out what I didn’t like about it. It had too much yellow.

Back to Jo-Ann’s and I bought another spool of brown tulle.

I took out the yellow strips and replaced them with brown. It finally had the look I wanted.


After I had finished the skirt, I measured Sarah’s arms and cut fringe armbands. I hot glued beads to make it look more Native American.

Hubby removed the wrapper off of our oatmeal container and taped the lid shut. I hot glued ribbon and beads and made a fun accessory/drum! Lately, Sarah loves to bang on things so this was a fun toy for her.


Top View


Side View

I purchased a long sleeve cream-colored t-shirt (from Children’s Place), brown fringe boots and colorful tights (from Old Navy).

I bought feathers to make Sarah a headpiece but just trying to measure her head was difficult so I asked my friend Jessica if she would please make a hair clip (she makes and sells beautiful pieces!). Her daughter also dressed up as a Native American. It was cute to see each of our take on the costume.

Here is my version of a homemade Native American costume:

For handmade,Ā I think it came out very cute! I am the most proud that I actually made it myself!

The costume got plenty of use. Sarah wore it 4x! Here is a picture the first time she wore it during my mommy group’s Halloween event.


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