18 Months Old

My baby recently turned 18 months old! She’s talking a lot and has turned into the cutest human being. I’ve always thought she was a pretty baby, but now she has really blossomed into a very special person. We are so blessed and thankful each day that we were chosen to be parents of our little Sarah Lily.

At her 18-month check up, she received three shots; flu, MMR and DTaP. She’s never had a reaction to any shots until this time. She had a fever for a few days, but this fever came a week after her shots and had us confused. (The doctor said that kids can get fevers anytime up through 10 days after shots.)

Usually Sarah hates shots and even being touched by the doctor. (If you remember, I recently blogged about Sarah’s ear surgery.) I’m happy to report she did much better this time! She let the doctor check her ears, eyes and mouth without even a peep. I sat close by, but didn’t even need to hold her while the doctor preformed her necessary check up.

The doctor was happy with Sarah’s progress and sent us home with a good report.

Her vitals were:

She currently weighs 24 lbs. 12.1 oz. (and is in the 74th percentile).

She is 2′ 8.25″ (or 81.9 cm) tall (and is in the 63rd percentile).

I thought it would be fun to include Sarah’s pronunciation of certain words. See below.

Bibs = Chips
Rover = Grover
Beeba = Big Bird
Money = Bunny
Mumus = Humus
Olich = Olives
Upa = Star
Amen = Juice
Nina = Gina the giraffe on iPad
Eggy = Eggs
Mumie = Movie
Bean bean = Grean beans
EI = Ei-ei-o
Vavi = Milk

3 responses

  1. She is realy someone and somthing special. She talk so nice and know alot of words more. So smart that you did not see somebody like that! I love her and adore her so much!

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