I like most social media, but I really love Pinterest! I’d like to think of myself as an organized person (hubby thinks I have OCD) and Pinterest makes me feel and think in an organized way.

I like Pinterest because you can put things like recipes into virtual file folders. For example, I’ve broken down my favorite recipes by sweet, savory, breakfast, drinks, etc. That way when my family or I are in the mood for something yummy I can look through my file folder and drool over the pretty pictures while I figure out what to make.

I really enjoy making and baking new recipes each time (drives my hubby crazy!). I’m also a very visual person, which makes Pinterest my perfect fit.

The Pinterest app is also very handy! If I’m on the go or have forgotten my shopping list, I just hop on and search through my folders.

Just last week I made Crockpot Chicken Tacos. It was really yummy and very simple to make.


This morning I made a Baked Oatmeal Casserole (thanks to my friend J for serving it at our recent baby play date). Mmm it was so good!


Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to follow you, just leave me your name on the comments below! And if you’re not already following me, I’m @mamachitchat.

Happy Pinning!


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